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Seesmic is a desktop client to manage your Facebook and Twitter lifestream in one timeline. Seesmic can also create groups (or userlists) and search results of Facebook or Twitter lifestreams.

Requirement for installation:
Platform: Mac/PC/iPhone/Web
Prerequisite: Adobe AIR

I found that this stuff is quite cool. We don’t need to sign in to Facebook or Twitter using a browser, just run Seesmic, set your Facebook/Twitter account for the first time, set it to run when you start your computer and you’re always keeping up with your Facebook/Twitter lifestream. Seesmic can handle multiple Twitter accounts but only one Facebook account.
Seesmic brings your Facebook wall right to your desktop, including application post, friend’s photo or video posts, everything that you usually see on your Facebook wall. To give a comment, just place your mouse cursor on top of your friend’s profile picture until you can see the ‘@’ symbol and then click it. You could also use the pop menu by clicking the gear symbol to show that you like a post or to put your friend in a userlist.


Seesmic can be use to update either or both Facebook and Twitter. If you have already add Twitter application to your Facebook page and set it so your tweets always get posted as Facebook status, Seesmic doesn’t make your status appear twice in Facebook. There is also an option to allow Seesmic determine which account you are using to send reply.

Well, there’s still room for improvement and for us to explore this application, so have a try and enjoy!